05 January 2009

Blogging and Other Social Media

This is a guide to blogging and social media with a difference. It's aimed at professionals in business who might not have thought of using such communication techniques before. In fact it's written by people with a background in law - which doesn't at first seem like a zappy, media-conscious line of work to be in. But the first half of the book explains how blogs work; it outlines the plusses and minuses of blogging; shows you how to set up your own blog; and how to write and run it. The advice is clear and realistic. You've got to be prepared to work at it; success doesn't come easily; you can make money, but don't expect too much; and if you're in a serious business, take care what you say in your postings. It strikes a good balance between enthusiasm and the need for clear-headed guidance... Read more >>

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