10 January 2009

Palm Pilot - r.i.p

My ten year love affair with Palm Pilots came to a sad finale yesterday when the latest one died on me without a word of explanation. I was a fairly early adopter, and have stuck with Palm quite irrationally out of product loyalty even though four previous models have also packed up. It's not as if I abuse or over-use them. All have looked as good as new when they've given up the ghost. And looking back, it seems to have been the same reason each time - a knackered battery which refuses to re-charge. It's possible that long periods discharged without use might be the reason - but I expect more bang for my buck than that. So what do I go on to next? It might even be a step backwards to the Moleskine notebook, because the big drawback of PDAs is that the screen isn't visible in strong sunlight. But that means typing up what you've already written - and not being able to cart round an address book, contact details, and all those scraps of brilliant ideas which occur to you at odd times, seem so potentially fruitful, and then probably never get used.

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