10 December 2009

Open Source eCommerce

Here are some of the new guidelines that emerge from the seemingly upside-down world of digital enterprise. I thought I would make a list which can easily be updated as we go along.

1. It's possible to make a lot of sales with minority products - because of the wide reach of the Internet. See Chris Anderson's the Long Tail.

2. Once a product can be digitised, the price you can charge for it rapidly diminishes to zero.

3. But there is more money to be made by giving things away free of charge than trying to persuade people to pay more for them. See Chris Anderson's FREE: The Future of a Radical Price.

4. The profit is to be made from subsidiary products and services. Linux is free open source software: Redhat makes a profit selling versions of Linux with professional support. Google gives its search service away free of charge - and makes a profit from advertising on its results pages.

5. If thousands and thousands of people are grabbing your work free of charge - celebrate the fact! They are your potential customers.

6. Giving away a free downloadable copy of a book is a good way of increasing sales of a printed version. See Cary Doctorow's Content.

1 comment:

John Derbyshire said...

All very good points. Everyone can sell an apple for 30 pence and two apples for 60 pence, ecommerce is about creativity and diversity.
Watch Spotify change the world of music in 2010!