17 December 2009

Afghanistan - the new Vietnam

There was a very good report from BBC2 tonight on the state of play within US services in Afghanistan.

Good in the sense that it revealed just how nobody within the UK-US axis seems to have learned a single lesson from wars brought on other people within the last fifty years or so.

US troops were being despatched into tours of 'duty' which were preceded by heavy artillery fire into civilian populations.

There wasn't the slightest sign of local Afghans being trained to 'combat terrorists'.

Religious services were conducted in a spirit of avenging former troop losses.

The pre-operation briefings were scabrous foul-mouthed encitements to do the worst.

And every engagmenent with the population was an opportunity to smash down doors, destroy people's homes, arrest the local population, and leave behind a trail of destruction.

And they wonder why the world doesn't love them.

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