02 May 2009

Tal Wilkenfeld - Bass Virtuoso

When it comes to electric bass I'm a big fan of Jaco Pastorius. Unfortunately, he wrecked himself with drugs and a rock & roll lifestyle, so we don't have any more. But last night I discovered his replacement and continuation. It's another case of Infant Prodigy leaves home at sixteen to follow the call of music. First the move from Australia to Los Angeles, then on to New York, playing with jazz pros at eighteen - and she's a girl. I stumbled into this phenomenal talent after watching Son House then Muddy Waters on YouTube, and then for reasons I can't explain I switched to watching Jeff Beck, who I knew had done a stint at Ronnie Scott's not long ago. Tal Wilkenfeld will knock your socks off. She really is the business. There's an astonishing maturity, fluency, and sophistication about her playing which just seems so at odds with someone who looks as if she should just be preparing for her sixteen-plus school exams. What a night. What a great discovery. Watch here.

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skipper said...

Agree. Amazing. It's not often you hear a solo on the bass but this was virtuoso stuff.