27 April 2009

iPod: The Missing Manual

I bought an iPod recently for playing MP3 music files - and I was amazed to discover that it does a lot more than that. The iPod is simply an iPhone without the phone - and this means a lot more than you might imagine. It plays music, sure enough, but it's also got a wireless card, and that means you can surf the Web, get your emails, watch videos on YouTube, check the weather or the state of your stock market investments - and all this from a device you can comfortably keep in your shirt pocket. It has all these features - and yet it doesn't come with a guidance manual. You can download a PDF from the iTunes site, but reading manuals on screen is no joke - and the chances are that you'll miss some of the amazing features on this device which is in the process of revolutionizing our connections with the online world. In the last year alone, more than 20,000 small applications (Apps) have been written for the iPod and iPhone - and these are so accessible and so cheap, they are driving ... Read more >>

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