27 December 2008

Virginia Woolf — Carlyle's House

This is an unusually exciting event for Woolf fans - the first publication of an undiscovered notebook which had been lost for seventy years. It was written in 1909 when Virginia Woolf was living with her brother Adrian in Fitzroy Square. She was struggling with her first Novel, The Voyage Out and wondering if she would ever be married. It was discovered only a couple of years ago, in Birmingham. The contents of the notebook (which she made herself, by hand) are a series of seven portraits written, as she says of them herself as a sort of artist's notebook: "the only use of this book is that it shall serve for a sketch book; as an artist fills his pages with scraps and fragments, studies of drapery - legs, arms & noses ... so I take up my pen & trace here whatever shapes I happen to have in my head ... It is an exercise - training for eye & hand"... Read more >>

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