10 May 2008

Web 2.0 - A Strategy Guide

People who read Chris Anderson's enormously influential The Long Tail will know that Web 2.0 has revolutionised eCommerce. Companies make more money by lowering their prices; they get rich by giving things away free of charge; and they invite their competitors to share information for mutual benefit. What is Web 2.0 exactly? And how does all this work? Well - Web 2.0 is the latest manifestation of web applications which allow its users to upload information and interact with each other, as well as downloading it, which we did with Web 1.0. And it is a technology which builds on economies of scale. If your web site makes 1% profit from 250,000 visitors a week, imagine what happens if you start giving things away and get a million visitors. The chances are your profits will increase by 400%... Read more >>

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skipper said...

really good post this RJ! this from a mate who cannot get his cyberaccess to deliver his email account in Florence; in any case he says its been raining fulltime by yer. Keep your Tinorettos and Carravaggios, just give us some sun!