05 December 2007

Woolf and Web

It seems amazing that whilst the rain pours down in my native city of Manchester, I am only a few hours away basking in hot sunshine during my December reading week here in Andalucia. And the curriculum for these few days could not be more varied. First Winifred Holtby's critical study Virginia Woolf, written just before she died at the age of only thiry-seven. Woolf made some snotty remarks about it when it appeared, but in fact it's quite good - and it captures well the themes and literary techniques about which so much has been written since. The other book is James Kalbach's Designing Web Navigation, which is an encyclopedic approach to this one aspect of web design which seems to be aspiring to be the authoritative text on the subject, in much the same way as Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville's Information Architecture for the World Wide Web.

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