10 December 2007

Free Mobile Phones

Skypephone are giving away mobile phones in a simple competition. The winner will get three Skypephones, second place will get two and coming in third will bag you one. All you need to do is tell us why you want a Skypehone. It's that simple. There is one major requirement though - Your reason for wanting one must be expressed in a linkable format. For example, it could be a blog post, forum thread or simple webpage, a picture on Flickr, or a link to a YouTube video.

The only rules are: The content needs to be original - Tag all your videos, pics, posts with 3mobilebuzzcomp1 - When submitting an entry remember to include the URL of the site which brought the competition to your attention. That's this one folks - mantex.blogspot.com - Deadline for submissions is midday on Monday 17th December. All entries must be sent to the hallowed keeper of prizes, enforcer of rules and judge of all, jack@3mobilebuzz.com.

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