03 February 2007

Gerald Brenan: Personal Record 1920-1972

This is the second volume of Gerald Brenan's autobiographical writings. The first, A Life of One's Own covers the period 1894 to 1920, and deals with his childhood and education, up to the point of his emergence from (honourable) service during the first world war. This volume starts with an account of his arrival in Spain as a young man of twenty-six - a subject he treats in a more general and less personal terms in his classic travel book South from Granada. Although it purports to cover five decades, most of the book is devoted to his bohemian wanderings in the 1920s, which he spent oscillating between Spain and the Bloomsbury Group - of which he is not uncritical. Much of his narrative is dominated by an emotionally turbulent affair with Dora Carrington, who just happened to be married to his best friend Ralph Partridge... Read more >>


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