28 January 2007

The Return of JazzFM

I stumbled across the newly re-launched Jazz-FM yesterday. It came up on DAB radio and is also available via Sky Channel 0113 and NTL Digital Channel 1961, as well as online. Good quality music, and NO announcements, which is wonderful - except you sometimes want to know who's playing. It's been re-named the Jazz.

Even more surprising - no adverts. I assume that this cannot last, and they will seek sponsorship revenue once they have built up a fan base.

The web site looks glamorous, but once you've looked at the colour-coded pages there's not much depth there. What they need to do as a priority is broadcast details of the tracks they are playing - on DAB and their web presence.

But it's a welcome addition to the paltry music broadcasting scene in the UK. The playlist is fresh too - not the same old stuff which JazzFM used to recycle day after day.


Matt said...


theJazz has nothing to do with the 'old' Jazz FM - it's been created by different people.


Roy said...

Well - I stand corrected Matt. The web site certainly gave me that impression. Do you have any further details concerning who is involved?

And more importantly, do you know how it will be financed?

Rob Spence said...

It's from the people at Classic FM, apparently. Don't you think they need to buy some more CDs?

Roy said...

I sure do Rob! After a few weeks of listening, I'm still a fan - but there is a sense of sameiness beginning to creep in.

But the one thing I really don't like is the inclusion of Louis Armstrong singing modern material. It verges on the toe-curlingly embarrassing.

Rob Spence said...

If you are still listening, they are now annnouncing proper shows, with DJs, including Helen Mayhew.