07 August 2006

A Life of Dora Carrington 1893-1932

Dora Carrington was a painter, an early feminist, and a figure who flits in and out of the lives of several members of the Bloomsbury Group, of which she was a central part. This is the (so far) definitive biography, which covers her day-to-day life in great detail - much of it based on her voluminous correspondence. She grew up in a stiflingly conventional home in Bedford, loving her father and hating her mother. With a talent for art, she was glad to get away from home at seventeen and spread her wings at the Slade, living in Gordon Square, right in the heart of Bloomsbury. Her style of painting and drawing was firmly traditional, and it fitted with the aesthetic of the Slade. She was unaffected by the craze for Post-Impressionism which followed Roger Fry's famous exhibition at the Grafton Galleries which Virginia Woolf claimed changed human nature ... Read more >>


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