05 August 2006

Blair - Iraq - Parliament

I don't normally blog about political matters - leaving that to my fellow blogger and good friend Skipper, but I couldn't help but be struck by the news item today about the intention of ex-war veterans to stand for Labour seats in the next UK parliament, as a protest against Blair's policy in the middle-East.

Good for them! It would be unusual for such single-issue campaigns to have much chance of success, but if they stand in marginal seats and grab enough disaffected Labour votes - it could have some impact. For instance, it might split votes and let the Lib-Dems through.

I will leave the details of psephology to others, but anything which challenges Blair's arrogant, I-know-better-than-you attiude and his toadying to Bush gets my strategic support. Get lost Blair - you are a corrupt control-freak and a disgrace to the Labour Party.

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