17 December 2004

New Links

The latest Guardian Online had some excellent recommendations in its 100 Cream of the Crop for 2004. I've added three of the best sites to the blog links here. The Internet Movie Database is a treasure trove for film buffs. It gives full cast details, plot summaries, links to actors, and you can even view trailers. I tested it out with Nicolas Roeg's Track 29 (1988) - one of his lesser-known films which I have not actually seen. Sure enough, it's all there. Next is www.abebooks.co.uk which locates second-hand, rare, and out of print books. Victor Serge is an excellent writer who drifts in an out of print a lot, but Abe came up with second-hand copies of most of his works, including the modern classic The Case of Comrade Tulayev. Finally Jim Martindale's Reference Desk is wonderful set of resources for research on languages, science, arts, the Internet, business, and medical matters. I surfed around and ended up watching an online video training course on how to bone a chicken.

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