04 May 2012

Election Night UK

If you thought that the BBC's presentation of election night results was amateurish and clunky in the past - remember the 'Swingometer' and Peter Snow leaping about like an enthusiastic loon on screen? - then tonight's performance scaraped the barrel of an all time low. Jeremy Vine was reduced to crouching on the floor behind screens that had graphs that were simply not visible because of the background graphics. He was walking over a map on the floor that presented information to viewers that was effectively tilted at a sharp angle to their vision. And whilst trampling over the data he descibed areas of the map as 'black' that were clearly 'green'. None of the information was simple, clear, or visible. It was just a mess on screen. Massive public subsidy. Result = a mess. I can't put a picture up, because the BBC hasn't yet released any stills.

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