03 January 2011

eBooks - and how to make them

I've embarked on the quest for yet another technological and eCommerce Holy Grail - the eBook. Having started in print publishing almost twenty years ago, I migrated to software publishing a decade later, then last year converted all my best-sellers to downloadables as the rationale for my new site at mantex.co.uk. Now with the recent growth of eBook reader sales and the lure of free promotion and distribution via Amazon and Google, there is the glow of another potential income stream to pay for the groceries and the wine bill.

But how do you make the damn things? I located some tutorials at IBM, JediSaber, Harrison Ainsworth (that's not the nineteenth century novelist, by the way), and Google Sites. They all claim it's really straightforward - and of course it's not. That's why I've also downloaded a copy of Strahinja Markovic's Sigil.

Tests are under way. I'll report back on developments shortly.

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