01 October 2010

Moodle Guide for English teachers

Moodle has now established itself as the de facto standard eLearning software tool in further and higher education. It's an open source program (which means it's free) and it also acts as a virtual learning environment (VLE) which makes expensive alternatives such as Blackboard redundant. If anybody tells you it’s an easy software program to use, they're lying. Most people will need all the help they can get, even if they are putting some ready made course materials into Moodle’s default templates. That's why books such as this guide to course creation exist - to explain the principles of eLearning design at the same time as offering a guided tour of some Moodle features. English Teacher's Cookbook is aimed at classroom teachers of English for comprehension, writing skills, and composition - but in fact the techniques it demonstrates would be applicable in any humanities subject ...more >>

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