28 July 2010

Spain and Bullfighting

I was very glad to note earlier today that the independent region of Catalonia has voted to ban bullfighting. This is a step into the twenty-first century which was long overdue - and one which I hope will be followed by the rest of the Iberian peninsula. And southern France as well, where it still goes on.

Anyone who has doubts about this issue should simply watch what actually happens at a bull fight - either at the bullring or on TV. You should ignore all the sentimental Ernest Hemingway guff and hyperbole about 'honour', 'respect', 'dignity', and so on.

The plain fact is that bullfighting is torturing an animal to death. Lots of men on horseback stick lances into the bull's back to weaken it. Then more men with harpoon-like devices stick more in, until the animal is weakened to the point of near death. Then a man in very tight trousers with a sword torments the animal for the pleasure of the crowd and to show how fearless he is. Finally he sticks the sword into the animal's spinal column - and not surprisingly, it dies.

Every now and again in this ritual execution, the animal gets a chance and gores one of its tormentors. At which point, I can't supress a cheer of encouragement.

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Bullfighting in spain said...

We were there once; it was not so good experience. According to me they should stop this animal cruelty and has to be stopped in any way.