18 March 2010

New Mantex Website

Twelve months ago I began the back-breaking labour of converting 1,000+ pages from an existing website to the content of a new one. My old individually hand-crafted HTML pages were slotted into the content management system of a WordPress installation.

It took ages, and I had to learn a great deal about CMS - more than I really wanted to know (at the time) if the truth were told. And of course that process involved learning how to deal with WordPress - to say nothing of installing widgets and learning what plugins can and can't do.

When it came time to go live with the new site I thought there might be an electric moment of "Switch On!" rather like the Blackpool illuminations. But it wasn't like that. There was so much link checking, transfer of domains and making lists of page re-directions, that there was no time for a defining moment.

But the new web site has now gone live! And it was a heart-stopping stuff, switching from the old servers to the new. Many thanks to John Derbyshire and Darren Milnes at Pro@ctive Web Design for all their efforts in getting the eCommerce system in place and the miraculous re-direction coding working which sends visitors from old pages to new.

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