28 February 2010

Reading Week - Spring 2010

The weather in Andalucia doesn't look too good today, so just in case I'm taking a mixed bag of reading goodies in my survival kit. Two books on language - a Dictionary of Modern Slang and Secret Language which is about acrostics, palindromes, codes, and even L33t; The Obelisk - a collection of short stories by E.M. Forster, a monograph on Confronting Theory; and Nabokov's Collected Stories which contains eight from what he describes as 'the Bottom of the Barrel' that I have not read or written about before. And if all else fails, I will be taking as quality backup volume 11 of Henry James The Complete Tales in the Rupert Hart-Davis edition. I would pay good money to get my hands on volumes 9 ad 10 which are missing from the complete set.

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mutuelle said...

should be really expensive these fountain pen. but really wana get one . i have a parker already