05 January 2010

CMS - categories, structure, and navigation

I've written before about my appreciation of CMS. With a hand-written website of nearly 1,500 pages, I was well off for content but badly in need of some management. (This is all part of my site re-launch process.)

There's quite a learning curve, even when the software is as well designed and fully featured as WordPress.

But what amazes and still delights me is the way that the user is given such powerful control by the conceptually brilliant idea of keeping all aspects, features, and even relationships of every object separate.

I've just managed to completely re-configure the site structure and navigation of my site re-design without touching a single page. The pages remain in the database where they were before. All I did was change the categories to which groups of pages belong.

Geeks may scoff at this and say - "Of course content management systems work like this. That's what they're supposed to do." But writing as a non-Geek, I can tell you that this level of technological design control is wondrous to behold.

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