24 December 2009

Remix: The Copyright Wars

[This is a Xmas present to all my blog readers - a posting on the most inspiring book I have read in 2009.]

Lawrence Lessig is a lecturer in law at Harvard University and a leading authority on intellectual property rights in the digital age. He helped to found the Creative Commons movement, and he's a former member of the Electronic Freedom Foundation. His works are a passionate defence of the rights of the individual to the creativity of the past, and a crusade against those forces which try to limit the free exchange of information. This is the latest in a long line of books he has written in support of such causes - explaining in non-legal language the way in which human rights have been eroded by the vested interests of big business. Whilst upholding the right of all content originators to make a living from what they create, he believes that the current copyright laws restrict the free exchange of information. He also argues that all creativity builds on the creativity of the past, and it is modern technology which has democratised and speeded up the process... Read more >>

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