02 December 2009

Content - copyright, DRM, and open sources

Cory Doctorow is a young Canadian freelance writer and web entrepreneur who lives in London. He's co-editor of Boing-Boing and former director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; he writes science fiction novels, and he gives his work away free of charge - yet makes a living from his writing. How can it be done? That's one of the things he explains here. This is a collection of speeches, essays, and articles he has produced in the last few years, proselytising in favour of open source software, against digital rights management (DRM) systems, against censorship, in favour of the free exchange of information, unhindered by state controls or commercial prohibitions. At their most fervent, his arguments come across like those of a students' union activist - but he's brave. He speaks against Digital Rights Management (DRM) to an audience at Microsoft... Read more >>

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