14 November 2009

Moodle 1.9 for Second Language Teaching

I have been critical of these Moodle guides in the past. That's because most of them are not much more than an explanation of Moodle features, but no suggestions about how they might be used to create dynamic eLearning courses, exploiting the interactivity that Moodle offers. This book is far more useful, because it approaches these issues the other way round. It starts with the premise of online learning design, then shows how it can be done using Moodle. Jeff Stanford very sensibly begins by explaining the structure of a course in Moodle, and how its parts relate to each other. It's important if you haven't used Moodle before to understand the difference between course content and the extras that can be attached via blocks and add-on modules. [You also need to get used to the names of all these features.] All this will help you to conceptualise your course design, and it explains clever supplements such as Mobile Quiz which allows the downloading of quiz questions onto mobiles...Read more >>


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Max Wild said...

I absolutely agree. These guides could easily transform how quickly Moodle is understood by teachers by offering solutions relevant to their subjects after the basic techniques are described.
I recommend them whenever I can.