14 August 2009

James Joyce: A Critical Guide

It is interesting to note that almost all of the great writers of the modernist movement published their seminal texts within a few years of each other: Lawrence's Women in Love in 1920, Joyce's Ulysses in 1922, Woolf's Mrs Dalloway in 1925, and Kafka's The Trial in the same year. This guide to James Joyce and his work is split into three sections. The first deals with Joyce's life and the context in which his works were produced. The second is an examination of his major publications, treated in the order that they were written. And the third is an account of the critical responses that his work has evoked over the years. Now that James Joyce is established as part of the canon of modernist literature, it's easy to forget the public difficulties and personal sacrifices he made in order that his version of art be given a fair hearing. As Lee Spinks observes ... Read more >>

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