17 August 2009

Igor Stravinsky - A Creative Spring: Russia and France 1882-1934

This is the currently definitive biography of Igor Stravinsky - master of European modernism whom many consider to be the greatest composer of the twentieth century. It's a consummate and magisterial piece of work - superbly referenced and annotated; and just about every claim made within it is backed up with evidence. The notes to the text itself run to 113 pages. Stephen Walsh begins by clearing the ground between himself and Robert Craft - the man who made himself Stravinsky's amanuensis, secretary, helpmate, and collaborator towards the end of his life. Craft wanted to control the Stravinsky estate (including the money) as well as his critical reputation, but Walsh is having none of that. He insists on factual accuracy, backed up with hard evidence... Read more >>

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