31 March 2009

Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights

Anybody involved in a creative project - particularly where a number of people are involved - knows that an early question will always be raised: "Who owns the intellectual property rights?" Or you could be selling widgets, only to find that another company has started doing the same thing. Can you sue them - or are they more likely to sue you? The product can be a manufactured object, it could be a service, or an 'intellectual asset'. It could be designing a company web site, running a training course, writing a product guidance manual, devising a manufacturing process, or putting on a television programme. History is littered with cases of people who assumed that they had the rights to something they had written or produced - only to find the profits from their labours taken by ... Read more >>

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Anonymous said...

Does this book contain any information regarding foreigners breaking IPR law in China? I heard of a recent case with TW Allison, a Canadian company. They were caught with training materials of a competitor. The link is http://tinyurl.com/cta7sh

MANTEX said...

She does cover international cases of this kind - and points out that some countries have different concepts of copyright than others. My impression is that this is particularly true of the middle and far east.