10 February 2009

YouTube: an insider's guide

YouTube didn't start until 2005, but now it's mainstream New Media. Why? Because it allows small time punters like you and me to upload video clips which - if they're interesting enough - will be watched by millions of viewers. And that, if you work the system right, can be converted into a generated income. YouTube has gone from hobbyist niche to big business in just a few years. It was so successful, Google snapped it up for a cool $1.6 billion a year later, and now everyone from hobbyists and amateur daydreamers to semi-professional film makers is posting stuff up there - at the rate of ten hours of video every minute. If you're not used to searching for stuff on YouTube, you'll be amazed at the variety. There's everything from instructional how-to films, reviews of new products, personal diaries, stand-up comedians, and extracts from movies, to recordings of live theatre and musical concerts... Read more >>

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skipper said...

How about a film on how to win pub quizes?