28 February 2009

Going Viral - The Idiot Ryanair Blog War

Blogger and web developer Jason Roe stumbled into a glitch on Ryanair's web site whilst trying to book a flight. So he posted about the problem on his blog, with screenshots to prove the point. Wow! Ryanair staff picked it up and came down on him like a ton of bricks - spitting hatred and bile. He responded quite politely - but they came back with even more, only worse.

Suddenly, the blog post was picked up everywhere. Comments are currently running at 400+ and the airline's reputation is in free fall under the weight of negative publicity. Here's Digg's report:

The article itself is just an average blog post, until you read the comments, then it becomes a top blog post. This will get a lot of media coverage. Go read it for a great laugh!!

Remember, this is the air line which has just announced that it will charge passengers to use the toilet on its flights.


skipper said...

What a bunch of wankers the Ryanair lot seem to be; that staff member seemed demented. Never liked thart O'Leary guy anyway.

MANTEX said...

Yes - and what a truckload of negative publicity they brought on themselves. The comments on this blog posting are amazing. Can't imagine anybody booking with this airline after reading these.