05 November 2008

Moodle in Manchester

I did a full-on presentation of eLearning using Moodle yesterday at Manchester Metropolitan University - and it worked a treat. Though not without a lot of self-instruction, training, and heartache. I've slogged away for almost the last two years learning how to learn the ropes, tweak settings, set parameters, assign roles, compose quizzes, and master the content management system. But when it comes off - with a roomful of thirty post-graduate trainees updating their professional skills - the way Moodle works is a joy to behold. Profiles updated, pictures uploaded, forum postings made, and Powerpoint presentations viewed without a hitch. Good screen display plus interactivity - which is exactly what we need. The university itself is still stuck with Web CT, but we have liberated ourselves (and our students) using Open Sources.

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