22 October 2008


Ever since I got DJ-style earphones plugged into my new eee PC at night I've been listening to one CD over and over again. It's Bill Frissell's collaboration with studio musicians and technicians called Floratone. Part blues, part Southern country music, rather white, but very funky and listenable. It's a series of riffs which have been deeply layered in post recording with loops, fades, sound wipes, and all sorts of electronic effects, featuring guitars and percussion with occasional trumpet which has been morphed to sound almost like another digital instrument. In fact I've listened to it so much that Last.fm have kicked me off more than once. But they're so tolerant - you just move on a track or two and start again. Good old Asus. Good old Last.fm. All highly recommended. Give it a listen. I guarantee that tracks from this CD will appear as theme music on a film track before too long now.

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