17 August 2008

Enterprise 2.0

The title of this book combines two coded terms - Web 2.0 and 'The Enterprise' - for which read social networking software' and Big Business. And the purpose is to show how the techniques and concepts behind Web 2.0 applications (blogs, wikis, tagging, RSS, and social bookmarking) can be used to encourage collaboration efforts in what was previously thought of as secretive, competitive businesses. It's an argument which is fast becoming quite familiar. To succeed in modern business, managers and directors must learn to listen and talk to their customers and staff. They need to be more agile in their thinking, less monolithic in their practices, and they need to catch up to new Internet-based activities which can sweep away unwary traditionalists overnight [look what happened to Encyclopedia Britannica] and create muti-billion pound enterprises almost as ... Read more >>

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skipper said...

Interesting post Roy but it doesn`t help me to access my email via internet caff in a Montreal suburb, after my 10th attempt has failed. Hence the exquisite frustrations of a web which proves elusive even to those who are now more than beginners.