21 April 2008

Tools for Complex Projects

This is a book about project management - but the management of complex and large scale projects. That complexity might be structural (building a large engineering plant) technical (developing a major new chemical) directional (a cross-national political initiative) or temporal (national oil supply during a time of war). The overall strategy of Kaye Remington and Julien Pollack's approach to this subject is to examine the nature of these complex projects in some theoretical detail and then to offer a series of practical tools for dealing with them. There are of course other ways of categorizing complexity - most commonly by scale or cost of a project, its duration, or the degree of risk to its owners. Their claim is that the four categories they have chosen are more fundamental and will cover any project... Read more >>


1 comment:

skipper said...

Nice idea to apply to politicl management but factors likely to: more complex, hard to quantify, impossible to predict.