04 March 2008

Vladimir Nabokov: an illustrated life

This short biographical study offers an introduction to Nabokov's amazingly varied yet consistent life, and his unrelenting devotion to creativity. It's written by an expert, and presented in a very attractive manner with archive photographs on almost every page. Even though he came from a rich and privileged background, Nabokov's life was one which was beset by the tragic events of the age in which he lived. His childhood was idyllic - well educated, and loved by both parents, he was taken to school in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes-Benz. When he was only seventeen he inherited a mansion, a country estate, and a fortune . Within three years however he had lost it all in the revolution and he was forced to leave Russia, never to return. In the 1920s he painstakingly established a reputation for himself as a Russian novelist, writing in the first city of emigration, Berlin, and making a living by giving tennis lessons and setting chess problems and crossword puzzles for newspapers... Read more >>

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