20 March 2008

Grand Designs

I've enjoyed watching the latest series of the one TV series concerned with contemporary architecture. Channel 4 presenter Kevin McCloud is an enthusiast; he's not uncritical of pretension; and he has a professional eye for detail. More than that, he has the vision to see the modern living space which is being sandwiched into the eighteenth century barn or a Victorian pumping station. What I find slightly amusing (and amazing) about these programmes is that a completely new, enormous six-bed, two-bath house can be built for as little as 400K. But when all the extras are added, the clients suddenly become a bit coy about how much they have spent. Moreover, there always seems to be a sleeping partner whose parents own the land or who has inherited wealth in pockets deep enough to fund the re-building of a wall or the tiling of a bathroom in Egyptian porphyry.

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