24 November 2007

Free phone calls with Skype

I've just taken delivery of my new Skype phone. This combines a standard mobile with Skype's use of the Internet to make free calls. Even the phone itself comes free with a monthly contract. It’s got all you’d expect from the best mobiles - like a 2 megapixel camera, big high-res display and music player. You can also surf the web and watch TV. Take your pick from over 500,000 music tracks. And of course, chat or talk to your mates on Skype for free. All at the touch of a button. The Skype to Skype calls suffer a bit from the sort of voice-lags that you get in long-distance calls - and the quality is iffy. But what the heck - it's free.

The Skype phone sounds pretty cool, but there are other devices that can surf the web and watch TV and that's a computer! In fact, you're able to plug Hi-Res digital security cameras into your PC and remotely view them via the internet. In essence, you've changed a PC into a DVR! Now that's pretty cool technology!

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