20 October 2007

Online Learning Courses

After months of sweating over a hot keyboard, we've finally got our online study skills courses off the ground - at www.texman.net. Most of that time was spent mastering the intricacies of Moodle. Well - I say mastering, but 'struggling to understand' might be nearer the mark. Moodle is certainly a powerful bit of kit as virtual learning environments and content management systems go - but learning how to use it ain't half hard mum. The courses include Writing Essays, Page Layout (my favourite) Web Design, and the very necessary trio of Plagiarism, Referencing, and Taking Notes. They exist in two forms - completely self-contained, on line and self-assessed, plus the same thing with written work submitted and tutor-assessed. It will be interesting to see which of these two proves to be the more popular. Students get a certificate of completion from City College Manchester which they can print off as soon as they've finished - and clever old Moodle even drags their exact final score out of its database and plonks it on the certificate.


Noel Chidwick said...

I wouldn't agree that learnig how to use Moodle 'ain't half hard mum'

We run online courses and workshops for lecturers and teachers in how to use Moodle - Making the Most of Moodle - and we've had nothing but praise for our courses, and also how simple it is to create courses in Moodle.

To find out more take a look at: Making the Most of Moodle 1 - Getting Started . Number 2 is on its way.


Noel Chidwick
The New Curiosity Shop

mantex said...

Well, I'm very pleased for your sake that you find Moodle so easy to use Noel. It's taken me almost a year to learn how to control the quizzes, lessons, course categories, graphics, multimedia extensions, and navigation controls effectively - and even now I feel I am only scratching the surface.

If the participants on your course find it 'simple' I would be very interested to see examples of the work they had produced as a result of this experience - on their sites or yours.