24 August 2007

Jaaaazzz Club

Well, Sal's Paradise sported the more orthodox line-up of piano, bass and drums last night. With the pianist storming through a warm-up on All Blues whilst the drummer did a remarkably good imitation of looking like a young Brian Ferry. The guests came in thick and fast, with a seemingly endless stream of drummers willing to take over - the most stand-out of whom looked as if he had walked in straight off the beach (which is only across the road). T-shirt, cut-offs and flip-flops: the dress code is pretty relaxed at Sal's. A guy with a pony-tail gave a good rendition of Confirmation on a clarinet, and Miss Saxophone acquitted herself well on All the Things you Are She plays a Mark 6, by the way. I got a closer look this week - because three German lesbians looking like an Otto Dix sketch pinched my table whilst I was at the bar.

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