17 June 2007

Censorship at Amazon?

Shurely shome mishtake! There was recently an amazing sabotage job going on in the reviews of Richard Littlejohn's new book at Amazon.co.uk. [For the benefit of non-UK readers, Littlejohn is a tabloid journalist who goes out of his way to write offensive right-wing rubbish, and to be nauseatingly self-regarding at the same time.] But some jokers decided to poke fun at him by posting over-the-top encomiums for what is clearly a book-length collection of his usual bilge. Then a counter-offensive from Daily Mail supporters was started. It was great fun - until Amazon stepped in. All the satirical (and very funny) reviews were removed, and replaced by what's called a 'Customer's discussion' forum. The only discussion so far is 'Where have all the customer reviews gone?' - to which there has so far been no reply or explanation.

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