30 April 2007

Jazz on radio - an update

After our brief honeymoon period I'm afraid my relationship with the new programme at www.theJazz.com may be coming to an end. They have introduced adverts - which is fair enough, since they have to make money sonehow. But they've also started using announcers as well, which we don't need, since the tracks currently playing are supposed to be listed on the DAB visual display. These presenters have (with the honourable exception of Mike Chadwick) one thing in common - they clearly know almost nothing about jazz. Then there's the notion that we need themed proramming according to time of day - the logic of which escapes me. And finally, if I hear crap such as Frank Sinatra singing "Fly me to the Moon" or Ella Fitzgerald grinding her way through "Mac the Knife" once more, I'll be throwing the radio through the nearest window. If this is their idea of jazz, it makes me feel like reaching for my gun. Yours sincerely, Victor Meldrew.

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