04 April 2007

Digital Futures - Part II

The second run of seminars on ecommerce and digital technology was run at BBC North at their Oxford Road studios yesterday - and following the success of the first series, I was glad to be there. The formula was the same as before - three very well-informed presentations by specialists, followed by question and answers. The first was from Jeremy Miles from Field Fisher Waterhouse on digital rights, copyright issues, and legal aspects of new media. Next came David Crowther, MD of Melandra who explained how digital assets are valued, and what a guessing game it is. Then Adrian Monck, professor of journalism at City University (and who blogs at Adrian Monck Online) revealed home truths on the issue of content and who is buying it. The sessions were pitched at a level rather beyond those of us in the audience who represented SMEs, startups, and one-man-band enterprises - but the organisers also thew in One-to-One sessions by appointment where you could get advice from experts. I got two valuable face-to-face slots with Mike Ryan from Idaho and Danny Meaney, the MD from nmp. I stuck it out to the last minute, and gathered up all the tips and wrinkles I could extract - so next week I'll probably be the next dot.com millionaire. Just watch this space!


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