29 March 2007

The Long Tail

Chris Anderson is the editor of WIRED magazine. This book started as an article there, took off, and was expanded via seminars, speeches, and further research. It has now become one of the most influential essays on the new digital economy. Anderson's notion is relatively simple, but its implications profound. He argues that because the digitisation of commerce allows more people into the trading arena, and because minority goods can be made available alongside best-sellers, the consumer therefore has a much wider choice (and usually cheaper prices). This gives rise to a new phenomena - the rise of niche markets, also known in marketing-speak as the 'long tail'. This is the part of the commercial results graph where returns begin to flatten out and slope towards zero after the high peaks of ... Read more >>

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Tom Slee said...

That's a very nice summary of the book's claims. Personally I find the book less inspiring and have been saying so at far too much length on my blog. A list of posts is here.