03 January 2007

This Life

I watched the one-off special reunion episode of This Life last night, wondering if it was going to be as bad as the Newsnight Review panel had suggested during their hostile commentary just before Xmas. And I was pleasantly surprised. It was much better than I had feared it might be. A bit over-the-top for one extended episode, but credible character development for the ten year gap since the original series; good acting from a reliable cast; and credible interaction reasonably well-scripted. As a soap opera hater, I have never been able to explain my own soft spot for this programme. After all, I am not young (as they are); I'm not a drug-taker (well, only of the ChateauNeuf du Pape variety); and I don't have problems about marriage, children, or a career (having had all three some time past). But it touches something, somewhere. I think they should have kept the original series going: but it's too late now.

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skipper said...

One reviewer said the original series was about people on the cusp of irresponsible youth and entering the adult world and therefore reminiscent to many people of their own initiation into the 'serious' business of career, partners, children etc. The follow up was about people who had passed beyond this crucial stage and were therefore less interesting. Whilst I enjoyed the follow up too I reckon this observation was spot on.