24 January 2007

Leonard Woolf's Love Letters

Everybody knows that Leonard Woolf nursed his wife Virginia through periods of mental and physical illness, right up to the point of her suicide in 1941. What is not so well known is that he did this at the same time as being a full time journalist and author, a Labour Party activist responsible for the development of he League of Nations, and a successful commercial publisher in charge of the Hogarth Press. Even less well known is the fact that within twelve months of his wife's death he began a relationship with a woman which was to last for the rest of his life, right up to his own death in 1969. Not that there was anything wrong with his forming a new relationship - but the woman happened to be married to someone else. She was Trekkie Parsons, an artist and book illustrator, and her second husband Ian Parsons, a publisher with Chatto and Windus, eventually became Leonard Woolf's business partner ... Read more >>


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