25 November 2006

TV - It's not cricket

The bloody Test Match displaced News Night Review on television last night. So whilst soothing my outrage with a couple of extra glasses, I decided to watch the program. Crikey! The video editing is so tight, you'd imagine that cricket was a high speed game played at breakneck speed, instead of the boring plod it is. And you'd swear from the BBC's presentation of events that the Brits were knocking seven colours of shit out of the Aussies - yet I note from the actual score sheet that the reverse was happening. The players and their supporters behave just as yobbishly as at any football match. Do these people have no sense of style at all? And what's with all this face painting business? If they are claiming it’s protection against the sun, why is it applied in such a way that makes them look like a cross between Navaho warriors and Adam Ant? It passed half an hour whilst I was waiting for the creepy Jules Holland, but his selection of bands was so abysmal, I ended up getting an early night in bed. Thanks chaps!


skipper said...

You are quite right about: the biased coverage; the yobbish behaviour; and most of your other observations. As a cricket fanatic, i deplore these transgressions and mourn the brief renassiance of our summer game which, it seems, flowered for only a fleeting single summer last year.

Roy said...

I note from a second (involunatary) viewing that Flintoff is in denial regarding his team's performance, and that he sports a full set of yobbish tatoos as he suns himself having been bowled out.

Moreover, on the sunblock issue - even one of the completely black (and genetically sun-protected) umpires was sporting the face paint.

And the yobbish fans seem COMPLETELY unworried about over-exposure to sun radiation. The fat guts are on full display in the stands.

I remain baffled.

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