03 November 2006

Talk to the Hand - Lynne Truss strikes again

Lynne Truss must surely be one of the next participants lined up ready for the TV show Grumpy Old Women - in which celebrity ladies of a certain age ventilate their pet grievances. First she was grumpy about failures of punctuation in Eats, Shoots & Leaves, and now she is being grumpy about modern manners - or lack of them. Fortunately, her grumpiness is served up with generous helpings of witty exposition, well dramatised anecdote, and self-deprecating humour. She rails against people who don't say 'Thank you' when you hold open a door for them - but goes further by analysing the reasons for our social expectations and our reactions to them when thwarted. The same is true for people who let their children run amok in other people's houses - and are affronted if you don't share share their ... Read more >>

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1 comment:

skipper said...

I fear, that by your definition, Roy, there are a huge number of 'oafs' alive and spitting like Gabby Hayes(I know that reference dates me...). Ant bunch of young lads out and about in Stockport or Manchester will spit with total lack of guilt and would be surprised, I'm sure, if anyone suggested such activity might conceivably be seen as anti-social. Though once persuaded that it was many of them would redouble their hawking activities.
A cynical old fart