09 October 2006

Using Moodle

Two or three years ago, attempts to put educational courses on line were stuck with using programs such as Blackboard and WebCT, which were costly, cumbersome, and deeply unpopular with the teachers who were being urged to use them. Now these programs are being swept away by the arrival of Moodle, the open source Course Management System (CMS), or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which has one killing feature: it's free. Actually, it has more technical features than its commercial rivals, but that's not the only reason it's being taken up by schools, universities, and colleges. In the jargon of educationalists, this is a 'constructivist' program. That is, it allows people to learn through building their own experience of learning, possibly in contact with other students. It is student-oriented, rather than teacher-led. And this manual has been prepared for beginners by Jason Cole, an American academic now working at the Open University in the UK, where Moodle has just been adopted ... Read more >>


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