26 October 2006

BBC Guide to Pronunciation

How do you pronounce controversy? Is it kuhn-trov-ersy, or kuhn-trov-ersy? And how about schedule - do we say shed-yool, or sked-yool? Pronunciation can be something of a minefield in the UK - especially when it is also linked to class and language usage. This is is an ideal source for finding out how to pronounce controversial or difficult words and foreign names. Expert guidance is given on how to pronounce 15,000+ less-than-usual terms. Entries run from Aachen and Aalvar Alto, via Maastricht and the Mabinogion, to Zyklon B and zymurgy (which is a type of fermentation, just in case you wondered). There's a guide to how the word should sound shown by splitting it into its stressed and unstressed parts, then by showing it written in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)... Read more >>

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