25 September 2006

Howard Hodgkin - art works

Anyone who has seen the almost but not quite completely abstract paintings by Howard Hodgkin will know what a beatiful sense of colour he brings to his work. You might have problems working out just which brushstrokes represent the figures in a painting such as 'Walking in the Park with Andrew' - but his evocation of ambience and emotions with a palette of hot colours and rich textures is unmistakable.

In a fit of enthusiasm I put together a web gallery of his work snatched from the Net which probably breaks every copyright agreement known to man. But my justification is that it has no purpose other than to celebrate the artist and his work. That's my defence your honour. See the pictures HERE - and if you are interested in some HTML 'paintings' see HERE. These works were inspired by the competition which used to run for creating web sites which were visually interesting but weighed in at less than 5K - which is pretty small. There were some amazing effects created, but the original site at <www.the5k.org> seems to have disappeared. If anyone knows of a mirror site somewhere ...

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